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Welcome to visit the Travel Jims Club.

We established as a translation service company in early 2003. We have developed into inbound tourism service for domestic and international tourists and outbound tourism service as well. We are officially registered member of KATA.

Our services are as follows, airport pick up and drop off services, professional language translation services, organizing tours, events management, all types of transportation and professional foreigner employment management services.
We provide a range of sensitive and flexible services to support for foreigners. We have registered tour guides and experienced drivers to support and serve you for all events. We can arrange and service hotel reservation, organizing convention and seminar.

Our professional teams guarantee and distinguish top-performing from our competitors for your delight, great pleasure and enjoyment in Korea.

The Travel Jims Club is providing outstanding quality, the high level of service and economic value, so that we make every customer smile.

Thank you.

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